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2019You think the earth is a dead thing
Here's the stronger- than- man you were looking for.
2019125 hectares
on 18 June, I remember, 1983, it wasn’t General de Gaulle’s Appeal of 18 June, but our own.
2016Public Commission,
2014Kamen, the Stones
Urbicide, destruction in Trebinje, as well as in other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, started in spring 1992
2011Les Bosquets
The girls, where are they? There’re no girls left here.
2009The Attendants
That's why I say to my daughters, I don't leave the Bosquets, I stay here.
2008The Priest
Pay attention, madam...
2008Confessions d’un Jeune Militant
There’s a book, Stalin, with a green cover.
2008Socialisme ou barbarie
2007The place of Language
Nowadays, attempts are made to standardise the language: to standardise the Gipsy language and its writing.
2006Prvi Deo
Welcome on the courtroom number 1 of the special building in district court of Belgrade
2006Red Star
Many people supported The Red Star, they were called The Valiant Ones
2002Women in black
In the days of crises and wars, parallels are made about women being the equals of warriors
2000The Peasants
We remained friends when Tito was around, when there was only a single party.
2007The place of Language
Nowadays, attempts are made to standardise the language: to standardise the Gipsy language and its writing.Sinte is derived from Romani, the language of the Roma, and from Germanic languages. Beas is considered a Romanian language and Sinte, a dialect derived from Germanic languages.

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Video 4/3, couleur, son, 11min

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In 2005, Florence Lazar attended a meeting in Novi Sad organized by the Serbian Centre for Antiwar Action (CAA). The CAA was seeking to establish a dialogue between Serbs and Albanians from Kosovo and to support minorities and refugee communities in Serbia. The centre was founded in 1991 by Sonja Biserko, a leading figure in the struggle in Serbia for human and minority rights. During the meeting the artist met the film’s protagonist, a member of the Hungarian Rom minority from the autonomous province of Vojvodina – the only remaining autonomous province in Serbia following Kosovo’s declaration of independence in 2008. With a majority Serb population, Vojvodina is unique in Europe as a home to at least twenty coexisting minorities and six official languages.
The narrator in Le Lieu de la langue examines and comments on the diversity of Rom dialects in the region and surrounding countries, gradually in- validating the reasoning that belonging to the Roma community depends on what language is spoken—a reasoning that runs counter to the fact that a language does not always coincide with a given territory. The more the narrator maps the different Roma dialects, the more his geopolitical understanding of languages reveals territories of exclusion and sources of discrimination within the Roma community.


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