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2016Public Commission, "1% artistique"
Welcome on the courtroom number 1 of the special building in district court of Belgrade.
2011Les Bosquets
A waterblaster, man,
it's expensive!
2009The Attendants
That's why I say to my daughters, I don't leave the Bosquets, I stay here. .
2008The Priest
Pay attention,
2008Confession d’un Jeune Militant
A book of primary importance. Show it to me.
2008Socialism ou barbarie
2007Le Lieu de la Langue
Je ne sais pas où
je me sentirais le mieux,
ici ou là-bas.
2006Prvi Deo
Welcome on the courtroom number 1 of the special building in district court of Belgrade
2005Red Star
Red Star
2002Women in black
Il y a l'aspiration, le désir,
qui sera utilisé à travers
le pouvoir politique.
2000The Peasants
“The Serbians like to celebrate, they
celebrate a disaster but they celebrate.”
Je ne suis pas contre
le fait qu'on soit contre
2005Red Star
Red StarRed StarRed Star

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Video, colour, sound, 10 min.

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The film is shot in the Red Star sports Stadium in Beograd during winter. A man is seen from a distance walking in the stands. The empty playing field serves as a catalyst for recalling the past. In the form of a spoken soliloquy, he describes the premises of the war as it began in his native village in Croatia and the instrumentalization of competitive sport as a form of propaganda in encouraging young football supporters to engage in the conflict.


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